Monday, April 17, 2023

CCTools version 7.5.2 released


The Cooperative Computing Lab is pleased to announce the release of version 7.5.2 of the Cooperative Computing Tools including TaskVine, WorkQueue, Makeflow, Poncho, Chirp, JX, Parrot, and other software.

The software may be downloaded here:

This is our first release of TaskVine, our new data intensive workflow execution system. TaskVine make extensive use of in-cluster storage to accelerate workflows, so that data "grows like a vine" through the cluster. See our extensive documentation and examples to learn more!

Detailed items in this release:

  • [TaskVine] First official release (Everyone!)
  • [General] Change catalog update to tcp by default (D. Thain)
  • [Work Queue] Specify manager as an argument when using the factory in python (Ben Tovar)
  • [Work Queue] New dynamic resource allocation strategies (Thanh Phung)

Thanks goes to the contributors for many features, bug fixes, and tests:

  • Matthew Carbonaro
  • Jachob Dolak
  • Joseph Duggan
  • Kelci Mohrman
  • Thanh Son Phung
  • David Simonetti
  • Barry Sly-Delgado
  • Douglas Thain
  • Colin Thomas
  • Ben Tovar

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