Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Work Queue Visualization

Nate Kremer-Herman has created a new, convenient way to lookup information of Work Queue masters. This new visualization tool provides real-time updates on the status of each Work Queue master that contacts our catalog server. We hope that this new tool will serve to both facilitate our users' understanding of what their Work Queue masters are doing and assist the user in determining when it may be time to take corrective action.

A Comparative View

A Specific Master

In part, this tool provides our users with measurements on their tasks currently running, the number of tasks waiting to be run, and the total capacity of tasks that could be running. As an example, a user could find that they have a large number of tasks waiting, a small number of tasks running, and a task capacity that is somewhere in between. A recommendation we could make to a user who is seeing something like this would be to ask for more workers. Our hope is that users will take advantage of this new way to view and manage their work.