Friday, December 18, 2020

CCTools version 7.1.12 released

 The Cooperative Computing Lab is pleased to announce the release of version 7.1.12 of the Cooperative Computing Tools including Parrot, Chirp, JX, Makeflow, WorkQueue, and other software.

The software may be downloaded here:

This is a bug fix release:

  • [Batch interface] Adds sge_submit_workers to installed scripts directory. (Ben Tovar)
  • [Batch interface] Adds LSF as a batch type. (Douglas Thain)

Thanks goes to the contributors for many features, bug fixes, and tests:

  • Ben Tovar
  • Cami Carballo
  • Douglas Thain
  • Nathaniel Kremer-Herman
  • Thanh Son Phung
  • Tim Shaffer

Please send any feedback to the CCTools discussion mailing list:


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

OpenTopography + EEMT + Makeflow

The OpenTopography service provides online access to geospatial data and computational tools in support of earth sciences.  The Effective Energy and Mass Transfer (EEMT) tool allows for computations of energy transfer in the Earth's critical zone, taking into account topography, vegetation, weather, and so forth.  To scale these computations up to large clusters, the CCL's Makeflow and Work Queue frameworks are employed to construct large scale parallel workflows at the touch of a button from the OpenTopography website. 

Source: Tyson Swetnam, University of Arizona

Analyzing Agriculture with Work Queue

The Field Scanalyzer at the University of Arizona is a massive robot that uses sensors, cameras, and GPS devices to collect vast quantities of agricultural data from crop fields.  In the background, distributed computing and deep learning techniques are used to understand and improve agricultural efficiencies in hot, dry, climates.  Processing all this data requires reliable computation on large clusters: the PhytoOracle software from the Lyons Lab at UA makes this possible, building on the Work Queue software from the Cooperative Computing Lab at Notre Dame.

- Source: Eric Lyons University of Arizona


Now Recruiting Students

Research Opportunities in the Cooperative Computing Lab

Join the CCL team and work on challenging problems in the realm of parallel and distributed systems! We work closely with collaborators in physics, molecular dynamics, machine learning, and other fields to build systems that scale to tens of thousands of cores on national infrastructure such as clusters, clouds, and grids. We publish open source software that is used around the world.

We currently have positions for undergraduate, M.S. and Ph.D students.  For more information, see our lab web page.  To apply, send a resume and brief email cover letter to Prof. Douglas Thain (