Tuesday, February 27, 2024

CCTools 7.8.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.8.0 of the Cooperative Computing Tools from the University of Notre Dame, including TaskVine, Work Queue, Makeflow, Parrot, Chirp, and other software.

    Docs: https://cctools.readthedocs.io/
    Download: http://ccl.cse.nd.edu/software/download
    Forum: http://ccl.cse.nd.edu/community/forum

This is a feature release that primarily improves the scalability and performance of TaskVine:

Main Features:

    TaskVine dask serverless execution (i.e., function calls instead of tasks) to reduce overheads, by @BarrySlyDelgado
    TaskVine improvements to library and remove function calls dispatch, by @tphung3
    TaskVine temporary file replication, by @colinthomas-z80
    TaskVine automatic deletion of ancillary files (unlink_when_done) during workflow execution, by @btovar
    TaskVine use of memory buffers to serialize functions, by @btovar
    TaskVine cleanup of factory, worker information and stats, by @dthain
    Fix TaskVine memory leak in python bindings, by @JinZhou5042
    Improved Parsl integration with TaskVine and documentation, by @colinthomas-z80

 Full Changelog