Monday, June 15, 2020

CCTools version 7.1.6 released

The Cooperative Computing Lab is pleased to announce the release of version 7.1.6 of the Cooperative Computing Tools including Parrot, Chirp, JX, Makeflow, WorkQueue, and other software.

The software may be downloaded here:

This is a bug release with some new features and bug fixes. Among them:

  • [Resource Monitor] Fix race condition that caused an overhead for very short running processes. (Ben Tovar)
  • [WorkQueue] Efficient recursive transfer of directories. (Douglas Thain)
  • [WorkQueue] Several work_queue_graph_log bug fixes. (Cami Carballo)

Thanks goes to the contributors for many features, bug fixes, and tests:

  • Cami Carballo
  • Nathaniel Kremer-Herman
  • Tim Shaffer
  • Douglas Thain
  • Ben Tovar

Please send any feedback to the CCTools discussion mailing list: