Monday, September 7, 2015

Three Papers at IEEE Cluster in Chicago

This week, at the IEEE Cluster Computing conference in Chicago, Ben Tovar will present some of our work on automated application monitoring:

(PDF) Gideon Juve, Benjamin Tovar, Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Dariusz Krol, Douglas Thain, Ewa Deelman, William Allcock, and Miron Livny, Practical Resource Monitoring for Robust High Throughput Computing, Workshop on Monitoring and Analysis for High Performance Computing Systems Plus Applications at IEEE Cluster Computing, September, 2015. 

Matthias Wolf will present our work on the Lobster large scale data management system:

(PDF) Anna Woodard, Matthias Wolf, Charles Mueller, Nil Valls, Ben Tovar, Patrick Donnelly, Peter Ivie, Kenyi Hurtado Anampa, Paul Brenner, Douglas Thain, Kevin Lannon and Michael Hildreth,
Scaling Data Intensive Physics Applications to 10k Cores on Non-Dedicated Clusters with Lobster, IEEE Conference on Cluster Computing, September, 2015.

Olivia Choudhury will present some work on modelling concurrent applications, trading off thread-level parallelism against task-level parallelism at scale:

(PDF) Olivia Choudhury, Dinesh Rajan, Nicholas Hazekamp, Sandra Gesing, Douglas Thain, and Scott Emrich,
Balancing Thread-level and Task-level Parallelism for Data-Intensive Workloads on Clusters and Clouds,
IEEE Conference on Cluster Computing, September, 2015.

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