Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CCTools 5.0.0 released

The Cooperative Computing Lab is pleased to announce the release of version 5.0.0 of the Cooperative Computing Tools including Parrot, Chirp, Makeflow, WorkQueue, SAND, All-Pairs, Weaver, and other software.
The software may be downloaded here: CCTools download
This is a major release that incorporates the preview of three new tools:
  • [Confuga] An active storage cluster file system built on top of Chirp. It is used as a collaborative distributed file system and as a platform for execution of scientific workflows with full data locality for all job dependencies. (Patrick Donnelly)
  • [Umbrella] A tool for specifying and materializing comprehensive execution environments. Once a task is specified, Umbrella determines the minimum mechanism necessary to run it such as, direct execution, a system container, a local virtual machine, or submission to a cloud or grid environment. (Haiyan Meng).
  • [Prune] A system for executing and precisely preserving scientific workflows. Collaborators can verify research results and easily extend them at a granularity determined by the user. (Peter Ivie)
This release adds several features and several bug fixes. Among them:
  • [AllPairs] Support for symmetric matrices. (Haiyan Meng)
  • [Chirp] Perl and python bindings. (Ben Tovar)
  • [Chirp] Improvements to the job interface. (Patrick Donnelly)
  • [Makeflow] Improved Graphviz's dot output. (Nate Kremer-Herman)
  • [Makeflow] Support for command wrappers. (Douglas Thain)
  • [Parrot] Several bug fixes for CVMFS-based applications. (Jakob Blomer, Patrick Donnelly)
  • [Parrot] Valgrind support. (Patrick Donnelly)
  • [Resource Monitor] Library for polling resources. (Ben Tovar)
  • [WorkQueue] Signal handling bug fixes. (Andrey Tovchigrechko)
  • [WorkQueue] Log visualizer. (Ryan Boccabella)
  • [WorkQueue] work_queue_worker support for Docker. (Charles Zheng)
  • [WorkQueue] Improvements to perl bindings. (Ben Tovar)
  • [WorkQueue] Support to blacklist workers. (Nick Hazekamp)
Incompatibility warnings: Workers from 5.0 do not work with masters pre 5.0.
Thanks goes to the contributors for many features and bug fixes: Matthew Astley, Jakob Blomer, Ryan Boccabella, Peter Bui, Patrick Donnelly, Nathaniel Kremer-Herman, Victor Hawley, Nicholas Hazekamp, Peter Ivie, Kangkang Li, Haiyan Meng, Douglas Thain, Ben Tovar, Andrey Tovchigrechko, and Charles Zheng.
Please send any feedback to the CCTools discussion mailing list: mailing list

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