Monday, February 18, 2013

CCTools 3.7.0 Released!

The Cooperative Computing Lab is pleased to announce the release of version 3.7.0 of the Cooperative Computing Tools, including Parrot, Chirp, Makeflow, WorkQueue, SAND, All-Pairs, and other software.

The software may be downloaded here.

This is a minor release which adds numerous features and fixes several bugs:

  • [WorkQueue] It is now possible to specify chunks (pieces) of an input file to be used as input for worker tasks. [Dinesh Rajan]

  • [Chirp] File extended attributes are now supported. [Patrick Donnelly]

  • [Makeflow] New -i switch now outputs pre-execution analysis of Makeflow DAG. [Li Yu]

  • [WorkQueue/Makeflow] Support for submitting tasks to the PBS batch submission platform added. [Dinesh Rajan]

  • [Makeflow] makeflow_log_parser now ignores comments in Makeflow logs. [Andrew Thrasher]

  • [Catalog] New catalog_update which reports information to a catalog server. [Peter Bui, Dinesh Rajan]

  • [WorkQueue] Various minor tweaks made to the API. [Li Yu, Dinesh Rajan]

  • [Catalog/WorkQueue] Support added for querying workers and tasks at run-time. [Douglas Thain]

  • [WorkQueue] Many environment variables removed in favor of option manipulation API. [Li Yu]

  • [Makeflow] Deprecated -t option (capacity tolerance) removed.

  • [WorkQueue] -W (worker status) now has working_dir and current_time fields.

  • [WorkQueue] -T (task status) now reports working_dir, current_time, address_port, submit_to_queue_time, send_input_start_time, execute_cmd_start_time. [Li Yu]

  • [WorkQueue] -Q (queue status) now reports working_dir.

  • [Makeflow] Input file (dependency) renaming supported with new "->" operator. [Michael Albrecht, Ben Tovar]

  • [WorkQueue] work_queue_pool now supports a new -L option to specify a log file. [Li Yu]

  • [WorkQueue] Tasks are now killed using SIGKILL.

  • [WorkQueue] Protocol based keep-alives added to workers. [Dinesh Rajan]

Thanks goes to the contributors for many minor features and bug fixes:

  • Michael Albrecht

  • Peter Bui

  • Patrick Donnelly

  • Brian Du Sell

  • Kyle Mulholland

  • Dinesh Rajan

  • Douglas Thain

  • Andrew Thrasher

  • Ben Tovar

  • Li Yu

Please send any feedback to the CCTools discussion mailing list.

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