Friday, November 2, 2012

CCTools 3.6.1 Released!

The Cooperative Computing Lab is pleased to announce the release of version 3.6.1 of the Cooperative Computing Tools, including Parrot, Chirp, Makeflow, WorkQueue, SAND, All-Pairs, and other software.

This is a bug fix release of version 3.6.0. No new features were added.

The software may be downloaded here:


  • [Work Queue] Fixes bugs that resulted in a cancelled task becoming a zombie. [Dinesh Rajan]

  • [Makeflow] Various corrections to Makeflow manual and html documentation. [Li Yu]

  • [Makeflow] -I and -O options now correctly output file list to stdout. [Li Yu]

  • [*] Added missing debug flag for ldflags in configure. [Douglas Thain]

  • [Work Queue] Now correctly removes directories during cleanup. [Dinesh Rajan]

  • [Chirp] -b is now documented in the man/-h page. [Patrick Donnelly]

  • [Sand] Fixed a wrong error message. [Peter Bui, Li Yu]

  • [Catalog Server] -T option now properly accepts an argument. [Patrick Donnelly]

  • [*] Fixed a bug where the wrong version of perl was used in configure. [Dinesh Rajan]

Thanks goes to the contributors for this release: Dinesh Rajan, Patrick Donnelly, Peter Bui, Li Yu, and Douglas Thain.


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